While each online shopper's contribution may be very small, when combined with multiple shoppers’ contributions on one retail website, that contribution could become quite substantial―and when combined with multiple websites across the internet, that contribution could become unbelievably significant.

Of course, over time, this idea has evolved – the same concept could be applied to electronic transactions in typical retail situations...and even to monthly bills (credit card, phone, etc.).  By expanding this WorldPennyJar concept to an even larger audience, WorldPennyJar could truly become a game-changer not only in the way people around the world view charitable giving but also, and more importantly, in the way they actually participate in that giving.

Contributions to WorldPennyJar will help fund disaster relief efforts and other non-disaster humanitarian efforts (health, education, and environment) in the U.S. and around the world.

In response to an increase in natural and man-made disasters around the world—and as our world and its people become increasingly interconnected, we wanted to find a quick, convenient, and efficient way to allow people to make small ‘micro donations’ during the course of their normal, everyday activity.  Our solution:  WorldPennyJar

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In simple terms, the WorldPennyJar concept allows consumers to round up the price of their purchases to replica cartier the nearest dollar.  So, here was the original idea...

During the checkout process on a retail website, you will be asked if you would like to round your final purchase price up to the nearest dollar in order to make a contribution to the WorldPennyJar.  For example, let's say your total is $38.74 – if you agree to contribute to WorldPennyJar, then 26 cents would be added to your total, and you would be charged $39.00.  That 26 cents, along with others' contributions, would make its way to WorldPennyJar, and together, that money would be donated to selected cheap replica rolex WorldPennyJar non-profit partner organizations.

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